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Ruth Haring:  Woman International Master

President FIDE Zone 2.1  USA

FIDE Executive Board

US Chess Past-President

CalChess Board of Directors

USCF Delegation:  85th FIDE Congress in Tromso, Norway

(Pictured above from left:  Commission Member International Arbiter (IA) Walter Brown, Executive Director Jean Hoffman; International Organizer (IO), IA Sophia Rohde, USA Zonal President Ruth Haring; IO, IA Francisco Guadalupe; IO, IA Tony Rich

It is key that we have good people representing US Chess at FIDE, who are informed and who read, digest, and discuss all of the information that may impact our players in FIDE events, and after that process, cast an informed ballot to represent USCF, and our players, organizers, tournament directors and others.

USCF has able representation by our Michael Khodarkovsky our FIDE Delegate.  As a team we have been working to have key people involved in USCF matters represent us on FIDE Commissions.

Ruth Haring, US Chess 

President, FIDE Zone 2.1 USA